Banish legacy contact center 
complexity forever. 
Edify x Chrome: Power Up Your One-Click Contact Center

Increase Agent Productivity

Protect Your Data

Deploy & Manage Stress-free

Finally, one window for all applications, databases, and channels. No more searching, no more transferring, no more delays when resolving customer issues.

Forget provisioning hardware, configuring security settings, and worrying about viruses and malware. We've got you covered.

Get up and running in minutes without sacrificing quality or capability with CCaaS + UCaaS + CPaaS engineered in one intuitive solution on Chrome.

Chrome Enterprise Recommended products meet the highest performance standards and are easy for employees and businesses to adopt.

Get the enterprise customer service capabilities you need delivered with the simplicity of Chrome.

Considering new technology?


Edify unites multiple products in one intuitive, brilliant solution.

  • Contact Center (CC): Meet customers across channels within a single interaction 

  • Unified Communications (UC): Company-wide team collaboration from all corners of the globe with one-click voice, chat, and video

  • Communication Platform (CP): Third-party integrations, customizable open APIs, and built-in telecom 

  • No-Code Workflows: One drag-and-drop tool to replace IVR, IVA, RPA, and more

Cloud-native Platform

from telco to Chromebook

Multi-cloud Architecture

with no single point of failure, so downtime is a thing of the past

One Window

for all apps, databases, and communication channels

Here's what's in it for you:

Global Availability

real-time redundancy & millisecond routing

Built-in Telecom

with minutes & number origination in 60 countries

Innate Machine Learning

for smarter bots & more productive humans

No-code Interface

so anyone can innovate & improve customer experience

Full-stack 100% SLA

backed by a 10x financial guarantee

Usage-based Pricing

so you can keep up with demand without ever wasting money

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